5/10: Dress Up in Vinyl

Drink, see, play

BIZ AS USUAL: You make a living by dealing with pushy drunks at the bar and picky hotel guests with bizarre shower cap obsessions. You've earned a little "me" time, so head to Washington Ave.'s no-frills with a side of funky resto/bar, Vinyl & Kai, where all those in the hospitality biz get 1/2 price drinks. 2 A.M.-4 A.M. (4-7 P.M. for everyone).

WHERE THERE'S A WILL: Though Mondays often make us want to stab ourselves a couple times, it's Mexican film "Nora's Will" (not a sequel to "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist") in which a suicide is the catalyst for the plot - Jose must bury his wife of 30 years, and in the process finds a photo under the bed that leads to a most unexpected outcome. We're intrigued. Cinema Paradiso, 8 P.M.

QUIT PLAYIN': No really, go ahead and play. Arts at St. Johns hosts "Play Monday," during which local scribes read their short, original work. Could the next Mamet be right here in Miami? Guess you'll just have to see - or hear, rather - for yourself. 7 P.M.


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