5/11: Feel the Furry

Some fuzzy tunes, one cutting edge musical and a whole lot of sweaty laughter

BEAR NECESSITIES: We're not sure how to describe Seattle-based Minus the Bear's musical style, so we'll leave it to their website: "prog-pop hybrid, all serrated rhythms, swirling synths, and guitarist Dave Knudson's multi-layered, pedal-hopping acrobatics." Hello, acid, nice to meet you. Revolution, 8 P.M.

SONG AND DANCE: The last musical you attended, you were the youngest person there by, oh, 30 years. The much anticipated (or so we've heard) debut of "Spring Awakening," however, is bound to bring out the younguns, as the description includes words like "sexuality" and "rock and roll." It's also won like a bajillion Tony awards. Arsht Center, 8 P.M.

OH FUNNY DAY: You refuse to respond to funny emails with an LOL. But you're certainly not against laughing out loud, which is why you should check out Casa de Haha tonight. Tonight, the "comedy club" is featuring talent from the "Northland" - as in West Palm, Boca and Delray. Sweat Records, 9-11:30 P.M.


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