5/18: Think Outside the Box

Rhymes, rooftops and Rokbar

BUST A RHYME: Tonight is reserved for jazz and poetry enthusiasts at The Vagabond in Downtown Miami. Live music will blend in with the blues and soul, which will set the mood. If that doesn't convince you, the $2 drink specials might.

CAVIAR DREAMS: There are few things we love more than champagne and shopping. The Webster boutique knows this, which is why Kaspia, the boutique's in-house restaurant, is hosting a rooftop soiree featuring bubbly and hors d'oeuvres such as potato "au salmon," tarama and toasts and caviar. Tickets cost a 10-spot and can be purchased here. 6-8 P.M.

SIDE DOOR: It's a party for everyone - we mean everyone. You won't face a bouncer who decides who makes the cut and who can pass the velvet rope. When you head to South Beach's Rokbar, you go in through the alley to partake in Tuesday night's party, Side Door. This party takes you into the next day with indie-dance and electro starting at midnight.

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