5/23: Pass the Salsa

Six events for Sunday sweetness

Normal 0 Normal 0 PASS THE SALSA: You’ve lived in Miami too long and you are still salsa-challenged. Overlooking Lincoln Road, Yuca Lounge's Salsa Mia offers lessons for salsa novices and salsa queens and kings alike. No need to bring a partner, solo instructions are available. And after a night at Salsa Mia, take your new skills and your leopard print Spandex to Mango’s Tropical Cafe. 8:30 P.M. Sundays (Wednesdays and Fridays, too). 

INDOOR VOICE: After its famous brunch and shameless daytime debauchery, Nikki Beach brings the crowd indoors for a slightly different party each week. Special guests Cocodrills and house DJs Felipe Kaval and Bruno will grace the stage this Sunday. Be prepared to deplete your minimum wage pay stub for the week, as drinks in this trendy spot will cost you an electric bill. 7 P.M.-5 A.M.

SMOKE 'EM IF YOU GOT 'EM: The happiest hours are the ones that never end. When drink budgets outweigh your food bill, consider a night at fancy BBQ joint Smoke’t , which showcases three separate happy hours in one night. Get twice the liquor for half the price and twice the food in the first round. Guzzle two drinks for the cost of one after 9 P.M., and when the grills shut down at midnight, cling to the never-ending hour's late night specials. First happy hour starts at 4 P.M. 

NOSTALGIA: It's the 12th annual Cuba Nostalgia exhibit going on all weekend long, taking you on a journey back in time to the island's most glamorous time. Walk around the FairExpo Center and check out the artists, different booths, and traditional Cuban food, of course! Click here for more information.

ENJOY THE CLASSICS: The Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami interprets a classic -- the tale of Don Quixote! The performance takes place at the Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason. Tickets start at $28. Click here to purchase tickets... then maybe walk over to Lincoln Road for dinner. 5 P.M.

FUNG SHUI YOUR HOME: Need a change in your home? Need idea to make it happen? Well, today is the last day of the Coral Gables Home Show at the University of Miami's Bank United Center. From decor and furniture to eco-friendly home products and outside gear -- you can find just about anything for your home. General admission is $10, UM employees and alumni can take advantage of a $2 discount.

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