7/10: Descending to Outer Space

Hard club beats, artistic chill music, and transgender performances

HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER: These four words changed the dance scene forever and now, Chris Liebing is taking it to Space …even harder. Schranz Techno hits Miami with beats that go faster than 150 per minute. This new sub genre comes from the streets of Germany and is sure to make a huge impact on South Florida club goers. 11 P.M.

POP THAT ROCK MUSIC: If you enjoy music for its artistic value, then head out to Tobacco Road for a cultural jam session. Nil Lara made a name for himself in South Beach and has had his music featured on multiple successful TV shows. He’ll be performing his original songs, including some from his appraised solo album. 10 P.M.

THE TAYLOR MAC PICTURE SHOW: A modern day Rocky Horror hits the Colony Theatre with risqué theatrical performances that will definitely spark some reaction. With homosexual, bisexual, and transgender themes, “The Beast of Taylor Mac” is sure to grab some attention. 8 P.M.We want to text you up! Get the scoop on what’s going on every night of the week by texting MIATONIGHT to 639710.

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