7/31: Go Culture Crazy

Art, film and jazz all in one night in Miami? We can't believe it, either

CALL GIRL, INTERRUPTED: Steven Soderbergh has directed everything from star-studded blockbusters ("Ocean's Eleven," "Twelve," etc.) to quirky indie flicks ("Bubble"), to dripping-with-sex drama. That would be "The Girlfriend Experience" - a high-end call girl who must balance boyfriend and work - and it screens tonight at the Miami Beach Cinematheque. 7:30 P.M.

SPACE INVADERS: The last time you experienced interactive art was the macaroni tambourine you made in 2nd grade. Jorge Rojas takes the idea (of interactive art, not musical pasta instruments) to a more sophisticated level with "My Space: Miami." Rojas will live, work, eat and sleep in a self-made box for a week and will be completely dependent on the public for food and company. Interact with him online or go to his opening reception tonight. 7-10 P.M. 
NO PAY FOR PLAY: Free concert is usually code for "no one would come if they had to pay to hear this." So not the case at the Museum of Contemporary Art's Jazz at MoCA series. Tonight, it's a bossa nova and samba with a little electro funk to get the party started, all courtesy of Brazilian musician Diogo Brown. 8 P.M.

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