7/5: Independence Day Cool Off

Miami Free Runners, a Monday movie and summer eats around town

FREE FLIGHT: Miami Free Runners defy gravity as they jump and flip without restraints, and no helmet! Seem crazy? Maybe a little. But aside from the crazy is the immensely cool stunts this group can perform and they are looking to spread the love. The French term “parkour” describes what free runners do as the term means “the way through” or path. Starting this evening, sign up to be part of the movement and overcome any obstacle, literal or figurative. Beginner boot camp starts 6 PM.

WATCH AND SIP: Cinema Paradiso, the only full time Art House Theater is here to expand your mind. Thinking can be fun especially paired with a complimentary glass of wine. Viewers attending Geena Davis’ “Accidents Happen,” may sip on bubbly while watching the tale of an unstable suburban family led by Gloria (Geena Davis). See how thick skinned Gloria and troubled son Billy brings a damaged family back to life. Show starts at 7:45 PM, General Admission is $9 with discounts for members, seniors and students.

DOWNTOWN DISH: Mia at Biscayne offers some of the most savory, affordable delicacies Downtown Miami has to offer. Ranging from $5-$16, Mia’s menu hosts an array of items, from world class burgers to sushi to embutidos (Spanish cured meats). It’s a perfect way to let someone else do the cooking, instead of hurting your pockets after the holiday weekend.

SEE THE LIGHT: 660 at The Anglers serves up a new twist to their usual menu with some summer specials prepared by Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli. 660’s light bites menu is served from noon-5 p.m. daily and from 5 p.m.-midnught on Monday and Tuesday nights, and that includes a bevy of summer liquid concoctions as well.

SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED: But if all you desire is something that is fluid, lightly colored, and on the rocks, Martini Monday at the Biltmore is the place for you. The Biltmore Bar has developed a reputation for hosting singles just as classy and chic as its drinks. So put on your little black dress -- or tie -- and enjoy the night.

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