75 Percent Would Give Up Sex for Food

Survey finds three-quarters of readers will take crab legs and tenderloin over doing the nasty pretty much any day

Bon Appetit magazine asked 5,000 of its readers if they'd sacrifice nookie for nosh, and the results do not surprise us at all.

Via the Huffington Post, we discovered that three out of four readers would happily give up sex for their favorite food. In order, they'd choose chocolate, shellfish, and steak over getting horizontal any day -- and those are just the top three.

To which we say, um, yeah. Lobster never disappoints. Filet mignon doesn't need you to reciprocate. You can't hurt chocolate's feelings with an aside that was just a joke, no, really, it was supposed to be funny, we didn't mean anything by it -- wait, why are you getting dressed? (And of course, you can't make your favorite food out of thin air, with no ingredients or utensils.)

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