8 Weird Regional Foods

…Like Alaskan akutaq, made with whipped fat, whitefish, and salmonberries. Yum?

When the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, they were fleeing the iron grip of England largely because of all the rules. Stupid rules! They went on to make their own, and nearly 400 years later, American regional cuisine lives by the same credo: A dish is a dish, as long as somebody thinks it tastes good, even if it involves whipping animal fat with fish and a dash of sugar.

That's the (partial) recipe for akutaq, a.k.a. Eskimo ice cream (for those who haven't spent quality time in Alaska or shared a republican ticket with John McCain) and it's one of the eight weird regional U.S. foods on this list we saw over at Woman's Day. We've sampled three of the dishes mentioned here (yes, including the "oysters"), and they were all fairly tasty. How about you?

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