8/14: Jamaica Us Crazy

Jamaica, jazz and g&ts

KIDS IN THE DANCEHALL: Your knowledge of Jamaican music can be summed up in two words. Bob Marley. Get a culture lesson tonight when the Adrienne Arsht Center screens "Rise Up", a documentary about Jamaica's underground music scene. It's all to promote next week's premiere of the reggae musical "The Harder They Come." 8 P.M.

BASS MASTERS: What started out last Friday night as some innocent table dancing ended up being a convincing ad for bikini waxing. How about classing it up a notch (or five) this time around and attend the Bass Museum's Hot Nights and Cool Jazz, which this week features the Fernando Ulibarri Quartet. 7-9 P.M.

LAWDIE DAWDIE, WE LIKE THE RALEIGH: Seems like you always show up to happy hour five minutes before drinks are $18 again, forcing you to place an order for five g&ts and proceed to watch them sweat into watered down oblivion. The Raleigh realizes you're a late roller, which is why they host their Dew Drop happy hour every Friday night, with 2-for-1s from 10 P.M.-1 A.M.


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