8/21: It's Happy Hour Somewhere

Cocktails, cinema and kitschy poetry

BEER O' CLOCK: Plan your Friday getaway early from work (as if you ever don't) and if anyone asks, blame it on the economy. Because you've got to get to the Tides pronto for Cocktails 'Round the Clock. Arrive at 4? That mojito's $4. Get stuck in traffic? More like $6.75. Still, not a bad deal - good thing they're not on military time.

GIVE 'EM THE BOOT: You try to model your life from La Dolce Vita. But it would take you like four hours to get to work on a Vespa, and the only fountain you ever visit is the one by the ladies restroom. Oh well, at least you have Cinema Italia, the monthly Italian film series that takes place at the Tower Theater. Tonight, it's "La Decima Vittima" ("The 10th Victim"). 7 P.M.

BROS BEFORE PROSE: Haikus are kind of like Hialeah. Complicated and misunderstood. Perhaps that's why Foryoucansee Books has published "Hialeah Haikus," for which local writers contributed poems about the Miami city everyone loves to hate.

Like this one:

There's no more white gloves.
Looked everywhere at Diamond's.
First communion blues.
- Marco Ramirez

And this one:

Like, bro, why, bro, why
for real, bro, seriously
man, bro, like, come on.
-Jose el Rey

Hear more at Books and Books tonight. 8 P.M.

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