8/22: Saturday Wants to Be Your Dog

Iggy, Mamet and local art: we feel cultured just writing this

POP GOES THE BENEFIT: Sure, it's fitting (ironic?) that Sweat Records has no air conditioning. But the chuckling wears off pretty quickly when you're trying to sift through CDs in the middle of summer. To aid in their crusade for a sweet new A/C is none other than Iggy Pop, who will be performing, along with a bunch of local bands and DJs, at The Awarehouse. 8 P.M.

PARTY ARTY: Tonight one event is bringing together two entities Miami rarely gives props to: the environment and local art. During Earth is Art at the Green Building Resource Center, view the works of over 15 artists, bob your head to some live music and revel at the fire dancers who will be performing throughout the night. Oh yeah, and sip on some complimentary bevs. 2-10 P.M.

STAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE: Probably most known for his Pulitzer-winning "Glengarry Glen Ross," David Mamet is all kinds of literary genius. Be it because you heard of his latest, "Speed the Plow" - a satire on the American movie biz -- because of the Jeremy Piven sushi-poisoning backout, or be it because you're mad for Mamet (or both), go see the GableStage version tonight.  8 P.M.

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