8/26: Wine. It's What's for Dinner

Sips, scribbles and screwballs

LET'S GO HALFSIES: Instead of taking to your couch with a bottle of wine tonight, why not spice things up and actually leave the house to enjoy your Pinot? Change out of those PJs and check out Wine Wednesdays at Red the Steakhouse, during which bottles under $100 are 50 percent off. 6 P.M.-midnight.

HAVE WE MET? Lo and behold, the Marlins are in playoff contention again. Turn hump day into mound day and head to Land Shark Stadium, where they'll be taking on the Mets. Tonight is the second game in the three-game series, which is immediately followed by another home series against the Padres. 7 P.M.

SHAKE IT, DON'T BREAK IT: That's right, we can rhyme. And so can the folks at Poem Depot, a group of wordy individuals who take their mad scribble skillz to different events around town. All you do is make a request, and, for a small fee, take home a little ditty. Tonight the PD will be at The Vagabond for their (((Shake))) party. 11 P.M.


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