8/30: Play it Again, Sunday

Tickle the ivories, take in a picture by the pool or talk health care -- swanky hotel-style

PITCH PERFECT BRUNCH: If your itching to do something "crazy," then come to Crazy Pianos in Coconut Grove for a different kind of piano lesson. Enjoy Sunday brunch favorites such as eggs Benedict, gourmet steak and eggs, pancakes and strawberries, French toast and a variety of omelets. Watch and listen as the main attraction, the dueling pianos, as they use famous songs and crowd favorites as their weapon of choice while downing mimosas. 11 A.M. 

STANDARD PROCEDURE: Got something to say about Healthcare reform? Honestly, who doesn't? Here's your chance to exercise your right to free speech and discuss the issue as The Standard Hotel in Miami Beach hosts an open discussion on Healthcare reform for individuals of both viewpoints to gather together and share their stories in relation to the current Health care system in the US, as well as their feelings on the new health care reform act. Hey, if you're going to discuss health care, why not do it where cocktails are close by? 6 P.M.

IT'S ALL THE 'CAGE: If you live on South Beach, chances are every day is like a scene from "The Birdcage," but the Robin Williams classic comedy gets us giggling every time. (We heart Hank Azaria.) The premise, in case you've been living in a pop culture cave, is a son proposes to his sweetheart (Calista Flockhart), which means it's time to meet the parents. Only problem is hubby-to-be's parents are Robin Williams and Nathan Lane, who attempt to "play it straight" for the sake of the girl's straight-arrow pop, but instead, comedy ensues. The Gansevoort rooftop, 9 P.M.

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