8/9: Sunday Afternoons Are Made for Lounging

Sip your way through Sunday, then catch a movie or dive into some lobster

TEMPLE OF DUNE: 'Tis the day to lounge poolside, cocktail in hand. How else are you supposed to forget that Monday morning is looming on the horizon? Head to the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne for the Dune Sunday Lounge Party, which features DJs spinning Euro lounge music and $8 caipirinhas. 3:30 P.M.-sunset. 

SOLDIER ON: A Florida National Guard member is sent to Iraq and sent back with a combat wound, along with some Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and a pain pill addiction. Meanwhile, a political newbie is running for office against an incumbent and all for the troops coming home, a viewpoint that doesn't sit well with his constituents. This is the premise of "Wildflowers," which screens tonight at Cinema Paradiso. 8 P.M.

ROCK LOBSTER: You love to dip crustacean in warm butter as much as the next person, but you're not about to send one to its horrific boiling-pot-of-water death. Let A Fish Called Avalon do the dirty work, as they're celebrating all that is lobster with new menu items such as Chilled Yellow Tomato Gazpacho with Florida spiny lobster and Bang Bang Florida Spiny Lobster in a citrus-mojo marinade.

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