9/14: We'll Have Our Monday With Everything, Please

Meat, massages and meditation

GOOD, CLEAN BUN: In a city known more for its medianoches, it's hard to find a kick-ass burger. Enter the Burger Beast, a local blogger who has made it his mission to find the best burgers in Miami. Tonight, he hosts the Burgie Awards at John Martin's Pub. 8 P.M.

GYM DANDY: The reason we don't belong to a gym with a spa? Well, besides we can barely afford sneakers. It's because we'd never actually make it to the gym part. David Barton says why bother as well - at least on Mondays and Tuesdays when the gym hosts the Spa Speakeasy, during which treatments are 50 percent off. Bathtub Gin mani/pedi anyone?

TOUCH THE MONKEY: Your days of swinging from trees are over (bad for the bum shoulder), but you would like to work on that upper body strength for when you have to, you know, do 100 pull ups to win a TV or something. Lucky for you Green Monkey, formerly only open in South Miami, is moving in above Purdy Lounge - so can totally undo all that hard work later - today.


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