9/7: Are You Ready for Some Football?

Some Canes, some parties and some oms

WE GOT SOME 'CANES OVER HERE: Woosh, woosh! If you're not making the trek to Tallahassee (why couldn't UM's biggest rival be the University of Hawaii?), the University of Miami's first game - against the Noles - will most likely be on every flatscreen in every sports bar around town. But if you want to go where the UM kids go, head to Sandbar in the Grove, where there is sure to be plenty of cheap buckets of beer and co-eds. 8 P.M.

SERENITY NOW: Taking yoga at your gym has never been a pleasant experience. Why do the kickboxers insist on lacing up while you're trying to get the most out of corpse pose? This week, why not take your Warrior II outdoors for Beach Yoga's Yoga on the Sand class. It's only a $5 donation - we're sure you can bend for that. 6 P.M.

LABOR INTENSIVE: Labor Day? More like Lazy Day. Put on the white bikini one last time and head to the Nikki Beach Labor Day Beach Party, where a bajillion and one DJs will be spinning all day and into the night. Noon-5 A.M.


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