A Good Hook-up

…plus a brand new bag and the stuff dreams are made of

JUST HANGING AROUND: There’s nothing quite like dropping a grand on a handbag and then having to sit in on the dirty, nasty floor while you dine at your favorite spot. Stop kicking your handbag under the table and give it a proper place to sit, too. The Fumi Purse Hook not only keeps your purse off the parquet, it also doubles as a bracelet until you need to stash your satchel. Just slip it off, slide it on the table and dangle that Dolce & Gabbana all the livelong day. $24, The Fumi

PRETTY IS AS PRETTY DOES: Speaking of bags, Beautiful People has a few you can hang from your table, your arm or wherever you’re perching your purse these days. The line’s fall Capulet collection mixes bold hues like ruby red with muted tones like rose and charcoal in sculptured shapes, making sure there’s a little something for the fashionably loud and soft. $250 to $650, Emporium 4710 South le Jeune Road, Coral Gables; 786.268.0689

DREAM IN COLOR: Face it, you’re all about the freebies. So skip over to your local Estee Lauder counter at Neiman Marcus for the Dream Event. Score a free $200 tote and envelope bag loaded with crèmes, cleansers, shadows, lipstick and more when you plop down $55 for Estee Lauder products (roughly a mascara and a lipstick). If you’re thinking the brand is a little age-steep for your taste, you’re oh-so wrong. Start your tab with the Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara ($19.50). You and your ridiculously long lashes can thank us later. In stores through today, online through August 14, Neiman Marcus   

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