A La Moda & Style: Ploosh Brings Playfulness

If you have not found a way to bring your inner child with you, don’t worry, Ploosh Luxury Toys just figured it all out for you. The cuddly animals made out of high-end fabrics and embellished with crystals and stones, are more than just a cute toy to play with. The dashing hippos, elephants and koalas might be the perfect date, but they are also fashionable purses created to make people smile while holding all the necessary essentials.  

We have been seeing this new accessory on the arms of celebrities, personalities and on the runways of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Miami and New York, and Latin Beat could not miss the chance to speak with their creative team and find out more about their interesting concept. We had the opportunity to chat with Yuriy Zubarev, co-founder of Ploosh Luxury Toys, during the Miss Brazil USA pageant and ask a few questions about this unique and playful accessory.
Talk to us about the budget-friendly new collection:  
Our new line it’s called Ploosh Downtown. We have a lot of fans that actually want to have Ploosh but at a more accessible price, so created a product for them that they will be proud to carry while they are still part of our luxury brand.  We are experimenting with colors, with bandanas, bowties, and spikes. We are using recycled fabrics, faux fabrics, and different colors and textures that we think our fans will be very much interested in.  Some of them are faux leather, faux fur, crushed velvet, denim, recycled cotton designs that actually give more of an edge to Ploosh. We are doing this for an edgier and younger market, who are interested in been part of Ploosh, but may not have yet access to the high-end collection. The collection will be going out Oct 18th on PlooshPlace.com and they range from $90-$130.
How did the concept of Ploosh come to life?:  
Ploosh started as a concept of a toy. One of those things that we remember growing up is our toys, and as adults we lost a little bit of ourselves, a piece of whimsy and innocence that made us children. We grew up and became desensitize to everything around us and this is a way to rekindle our childhood, and bring our childhood back. Ploosh lets us relieve that memory of when we were 7 and we had our favorite blanket or favorite toy with us. It allows us to remember that at some point we were truly happy for no other reason than just been in this world, and with Ploosh we have an opportunity to bring that back at least in some small part.
We want the scoop on the new collaboration with Henri Bendel:
Henri Bendel will be putting a holiday collection and we will be providing our Ploosh Luxury Toys for their exclusive clientele. We are doing red, green, vibrant colors for them. We are doing high level AB crystals which are highly reflective Czechoslovakian crystals of 5mm and above. What’s very special about them it’s that they are wider and the cut it’s done to reflect whatever color they are against as if the crystals were mirrors. They will be carried at the Henri Bendel 5th Avenue flagship store, which was the 1st store to carry Chanel and to bring Chanel in the United States. We have a lineup that’s exclusive to them and we are very excited to collaborate with Henri Bendel and Limited Brands. We can’t wait to see what is around the corner for us.
How did the collaboration with designer AZ Araujo happen for Fashion Week?:  
AZ Araujo is an amazing Brazilian designer. He uses a lot of vibrant colors, and Swarovski crystals on many of the designs he creates. With us, we use a lot of colors that are complimentary to the colors that he uses, and we use a lot of accents that complement the Swarovski stones that he uses, so we are excite to collaborate with him on his shows and merge both fashion and accessories. It was a natural collaboration.
What are some of the materials that differentiate the high-end luxury collection from Ploosh Downtown?:  
A lot of the things we do are leather oriented.  On our luxury line we use Swarovski crystals, leather and suede, and now we are getting into sable, mink, accents like black diamonds, platinum, gold, sapphires, very high-end fabrics and stones. We create a lot of pieces that many of our clients want to see just for the sake of seeing, but a lot of our custom clients actually want to buy. We are trying to structure that to keep up with our demand, but at the same time not alienate our major demographics. The clients that want to see the leather Ploosh line and Ploosh Downtown collection.
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