A Travel Kit That Won't Quit

…plus sunscreen with a side of giggles and a bag full of tricks

A QUICK GETAWAY: If you haven’t taken your obligatory journey away from Miami this summer, you still have time. But first, you’re going to need to pack. The Philip B Travel Kit fits all your shower time needs in an airline-friendly bag. Plus, all the products are paraben-free. Get two different types of shampoo, a conditioner and a body wash and get movin’. $30, Philipb.com   

FUNNY OR FRY: He’s taken over SNL in a cheerleading uniform and the big screen in tighty whities. Now Will Ferrell is beating down cancer with his own line of sunscreen. Lucky for you and your upcoming trip, it not only works, it’s also a huge success. After only two months on the market, the funny man has already sold more than 10,000 bottles of sun block and donated all proceeds to Cancer for College. Now you can fend off skin cancer and send survivors to get their learn on. Stock up on Will Ferrell’s Sexy Hot Tan or Sun Stroke and make cancer a drop out. $12, Fred Flair  

TAG ALONG: Your gym bag could use a makeover. Forget your typical tote and upgrade to something that’s not only stylish, but highly functional, too. The Shusokumb’s user-friendly multi-pocket design won’t leave you fishing for your keys at the bottom of your bag. Plus, it makes a great getaway carryall with the perfect pocket for your passport. $44, Shusokumb

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