A Wicked Cool Clip from Trentemoller: Ultra Preview

Trentemoller Resized

Next year, the town of Centralia, Pennsylvania will have been burning for 50 years. On Friday, Danish electronic artist Trentemoller will be among the throng taking to the stage at this year's sold-out Ultra Music Fest. Why have we mentioned both in the same bated breath? Because Trentmoller's latest clip "Sycamore Feeling" is shot among the ghosts of Centralia, and it serves as a picture perfect postcard for a place lost to the fires of time.

Directed by New York-based Dane Jesper Just, who has soloed at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and whose work is part of the permanent collections at MoMA (US) and The Tate Modern(UK), the wicked cool clip is also an aurally auspicious preview for Trentemoller's upcoming LP Into the Great Wide Yonder. Better still, it's a scintillating way to brace yourself for what's to come at Ultra.

Trentemoller Ultra Preview
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