Acting Expert Sherry Faith Dishes on A-List Actors

To Hollywood hopefuls, Snooki and The Situation might make it seem easy to break into showbiz. But acting expert Sherry Faith knows better.

“Do your homework and get yourself into a good acting class,” said Faith. “Kids think all you have to do is get on a reality show to be famous. They aren’t actors. It's really a shame.”

Faith, who has worked on dozens of A-list movie sets and once studied with world-famous acting coach Stella Adler, is now bringing her acting genius to South Florida. As one of the master minds behind Hollywood Across America, entertainment enthusiasts will have the chance to not only work on their craft, but they will also get to perform for some of the top casting directors for shows like "Entourage," "Criminal Minds,"  "Burn Notice" and "CSI: New York."

And, like a true alum of the business, Faith has met some pretty exciting people along the way.

“Will and Jada Smith -- they are absolutely the most generous, real, down-to-earth and fabulous people I have ever met," she said. "They talk to all the extras. Really, just so sweet.”

Having worked with everyone from Martin Lawrence to Greg Kinnear during her 25 years in the business, Faith said she knows true talent when she sees it. She considers Leonardo DiCaprio to be among the best -- but she also had something to say for those whose acting chops were lacking.

“Megan Fox. Yeah, she is hot and she’s knows it," she said, ticking off a list of stars who could brush-up on their skills. "Paris Hilton is the worst. Being on set with one of my students, I couldn’t watch her. She couldn’t even say the lines right -- it was horrible."

Faith also has to cope with some undesirable habits on set -- like the time she was working with one-time resident Miami resident  Matt Damon on the film "Stuck on You." 

“I got in trouble on that movie,” she confessed. “If you look at him, you can get thrown off set. But they couldn’t throw me off-- my office was there!”

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