Alexis Mincolla: “My Roots Will Always Be in Nightlife”

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With his hands in everything from the Overthrow to late-night party hosting and even creating his signature health drink, Alexis Mincolla has a frenetic lifestyle that doesn't end when the sun goes down.

"I like to think my roots will always be in nightlife," said Mincolla.

"My saurian imagination tends to take flight as the sun goes down."

Mincolla made his mark on the Miami scene through his wildly popular off-beat party "Black Sundays" at Bella Rose. And though there are a number of party-goers still on the waiting list to be memorialized through photographs depicting their faux murder that are then made into a short film, Mincolla said the party is short-term.

"A party like that only really has a shelf life of about a year," said Mincolla. "It would be like if a company ran an ad campaign too long."

Mincolla said he creates projects based on his own "discontent" for what currently exists. These projects include gearing up for the launch of the Overthrow Castle in Wynwood and creating his own signature drink: Prometheus Springs.

The world's first capsaicin spiced elixir is now lining the shelves at Whole Foods throughout Florida and may pop up during this weekend's South Beach Food & Wine Festival.

"I live by the code of, 'Create like a god, command like a king and work like a slave,'" said Mincolla. "Unlike most in the industry, I'm not one to sleep all day. When the sun comes up, I'm all business."

"It might come across as a bit pretentious at first, but I believe each and everyone of us has the innate ability to create like a god, so don't take that the wrong way," he said.

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