Looks Who's Talking Naoe

Plenty has been written about Naoe but I figured I'd chime in with a quick blog post about my experience. Food for Thought has a wonderfully detailed post about his meal which was identical to mine (I think we ate a day or two apart) so there's not much I need to add to that except to say that it really reminded me of dining in Tokyo, particularly the sushi breakfast we had at the Tsukiji fish market. Same ceremonial approach to food, same quiet anticipation as we waited to see what the chef would place in front of us.
It's a lovely little restaurant and one of the most unique dining experiences in Miami. We tried the "frozen" sake as we waited for our bento boxes to arrive and it was delicious. It was served with beautiful little bamboo spoons that you used to scrape the sake chips from the glass, which I imagine is what an alcoholic Japanese icee tastes like. Loved it. It was $17 for a small bottle but you consume it slowly so it'll last you. And once the sake melts it becomes a nice chilled cocktail. We also tried the salmon belly nigiri ($2/piece) as well as the kohada ($4/piece) and aji (also $4/piece).

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