Miami: Still Losing Valet Keys

In town covering the SBWFF, the NYPost discovers that service in Miami sucks. Thanks, Captain Obvious.

One bad surprise that really isn't a surprise: Service in Miami overall still sucks. (It's like these people just can't get it into their heads that this may be the last job they ever have in the local hospitality business.)

Many we spoke to at the festival complained about incompetent staff: concierges who didn't know where their own hotel's signature restaurants were, valet parking attendants who refused to listen to simple instructions, bellmen who brought the wrong luggage to rooms, in-over-their-head chefs who were fired at 10 p.m. during the second night of the festival.

Based on what we've seen on recent trips, Eden Roc, the Mondrian on Biscayne Bay and Canyon Ranch will treat you better than most. Which is to say, stay away from South Beach (as in the beach itself.) One star or five star, there's something about the location that makes everyone exceedingly stupid. You've been warned.

FYI, The Mondrian is technically still South Beach, just a bit off the strip.

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