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Midtown and Miami Beach duke it out for title of entertainment heavyweight champ

When “Ocean Drive” announced its departure from Miami Beach to Midtown, it wasn’t long before a mass exodus of retailers and restaurants, like Details and Pacific Time, followed suit and fled to the other side of the Bay. But before we deem Midtown and the Design District South Florida’s new “it” spot, consider a trip back to the Beach. With Segafredo and Motely Crue’s Vince Neil's Feelgoods Rock Bar taking up residence on Espanola Way, Miami Beach is putting its dukes up and fighting to keep its title as the area’s happening hotspot.

Segafredo relocated from its nearly new South of Fifth digs to Espanola Way literally overnight. Patrons said the owners shooed everyone out of the South Pointe venue around 6 p.m. And then it magically reopened days later at 500 Espanola Way. Less than a week after that, Vince Neil's Feelgoods Rock Bar announced it too would be taking up residence on the street later the following week. And directly across the street, hipster emporium American Apparel has its signage announcing its new arrival. Can you say revival for one of the Beach’s most historic streets?

We’re not giving up on Midtown and the Design District just yet. Rumor has it Pacific Time Chef /Owner Jonathan Eismann has a new venture opening soon that will have us running back to Miami’s side of the Bay. It’s a good thing gas prices are back to tolerable, because it’s looks like we’ll be doing the back-and-forth thing to reap the benefits of this battle royale.


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