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PART DEUX: Bulgari may have a hidden agenda with its recently launched new fragrance. Featuring a blue bottle and pulling its inspiration from the hue’s affect on nature, we think the jewelry house is destined to rid blue of its melancholy connotation once and for all. Bulgari BLV Eau de Parfum II perks up the senses with notes of violet, star anise, liquorice, patchouli, ambergris and musk. Just one spritz and you’ll be feeling blue from ear to ear. 9700 Collins Ave., Bal Harbour; 305.861.8898

HIS AND HER REPUBLIC: What does the world smell like? Aside from bus fumes and your neighbor’s dog—we’re focusing on the positive scents here. Imagine taking unique aromas from here and there all across the globe and blending them together. What you’d get would smell like Banana Republic’s new fragrances: Republic of Women ($48) and Republic of Men ($45). Femmes can look forward to cassis, lychee, Moroccan rose, jasmine and exotic woods, while their counterparts can bask in a bouquet of Clementine, plum, hazelnut, basil and cedarwood. Fresh air wishes it were this en vogue. Banana Republic, 800 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 305.674.7079

A SITE THAT MAKE SCENTS: You’re down to your last squirt of your most favorite fragrance, so you log online to order another bottle of your signature scent. But wait, it’s been discontinued. Rather than logging on to auction sites every day in hopes of procuring your perfume, click over to and let them find your hard-to-find fragrance for you. The site not only specializes in stocking up on rare redolences, it also offers bargains on beauty products, candles, skincare and other essentials you hate schlepping all over town to pay full price for.


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