Artist Sean Garrett on Justin Bieber: “Maybe Selena Is Teaching Him Something”

Sean Garrett
Jo Mignano

While neither Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez have confirmed or denied they are dating, super producer and artist Sean Garrett has seen a definite change in his music since their rumored love began.

“Lets just say Justin is growing up,” he told Niteside about the teen sensations’s upcoming album, “You're going to see a little bit of a flyer in Justin this next record--he is definitely moving fast. “

Garrett, whose debut album with Columbia Records is expected early 2011, has worked with Usher, Beyonce and even “Glee’s” newest edition, Charice. But his client and friend Justin Bieber has made quite an impression.

“He came from humble beginnings. It’s all about dreaming big--stay true to yourself and what you do. Keep God first and just work really, really hard. I have known him for a couple of years and it's great to see your friends grow.”

The music man, who will be heading to Miami for Winter Music Conference this spring, has no days off in 2011, with a schedule that includes working in the studio and touring with his new single, but he says the feeling of a Billboard hit makes it all worth it.

“It’s just the best feeling you can ever have in the world. I have had enormously successful people go number one and to have had a part of it, there is just nothing better. So much work goes into it and to see it pay off, well, it is just amazing.”

He added, “It's kind of a relief, honestly. You never know what is going to work, so when it does, it's like 'Wow, okay.’ I have had seventeen number ones—I’m still pretty young, so I’m really excited to see what comes next.”

And for anyone looking to break into the music business, he suggests to always have a fall back career... just to be safe.

“I went to college in Europe where I grew up, but when I came back to the states I had my son.  So when Warner Brothers cut my department at the record label I was signed at, I had no job. It was nice to be able to fall back on my career as a mortgage broker. It is important to be well rounded and of course, a way to make money.”


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