Comedian Greg Behrendt: Why He Isn't That Into You

In 2004, six little words changed single women’s lives forever: He’s just not that into you. From the mouth of Miranda on Sex And The City to later the title of a best-selling novel, the phrase isn't just an expression; it's a movement. And the man behind it all is actor, comedian and author Greg Behrendt.

“It all came about during season two of Sex and The City when they wanted a straight male to consult on scripts,” He told Niteside from the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. “One day, I was explaining to a friend over a lunch break that ‘He is just not that into you. He isn’t worth your time.’ I didn't even realize what I had said. Then they told me to write a book of advice and I actually wasn’t that into the idea. I am glad my wife and others talked me into it.”

Behrendt might have found stardom being a love guru for bachelorettes everywhere, but he says that was never the plan.

“I always wanted to be a rock star. I was just never in the right band, then the book, my family, etc. Life happened, you know what I mean? Ironically, I found a perfect musical fit in a group I am in now. Even making a documentary about finding your dream at 50. I have had a great career, but there is nothing like performing for a crowd that loves your music.”

When he isn’t making music, he is doing stand-up. This weekend, you can catch him at the Fort Lauderdale Improv. But no matter what he is doing work wise, he says the ladies still come for him for guidance.

“I have always been surrounded by women, so when they ask me questions, I feel comfortable giving advice. Every city I go to, they tell me it’s the worst city for dating. Listen, dating is hard. It’s a woman’s responsibility to teach men how to treat them. And vice versa. “

His biggest piece of advice for all single ladies out there looking for love?

“At the end of the day, you know in your heart what is right and what you want but don’t make him work for it. Always make him work for it.”


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