“Badass” Founder Jessica Kizorek: “Women Still Need to Express Themselves More in Business”

Local Businesswoman Jessica Kizorek has barely hit 30, but admits she has long seen a necessity to join forces with other women in the business world -- which is why her site BadassBusinessWomen.org was born.

"There's really still a need to push women to have that self expression that comes naturally to men," Kizorek told Niteside. "Women are culturally trained to be more demure, appropriate, humble, careful and nurturing of others. They don't put themselves out there the way that business men do."

Since then, she has recruited 800 fellow female "badasses" to her organization, all of which receive blog posts, event invites and advice free of charge. But, according to Kizorek - who has also penned five books on this subject - she has learned just as much from these women as vice versa.

"From day one, this has been very much crowd sourced," she explained. "I have women weigh in on what they need, and what they want. This is easily something I could do the next 10 years of my life."

The site has just turned a year old and Kizorek is celebrating the best way women know how -- with a cocktail soiree at South Beach's The Pink Room. The event will also mark the first time all of these women will finally be interacting off the virtual stream, and face-to-face. And Kizorek says, this will undoubtedly help them build out their relationships, as well as their businesses, even further.

"Once you stand up as a leader, and make it a point to contribute to others, your business will explode," she said. "As women we get so much pressure, we have to wear make up and have the right outfit -- why can't we just get paid for being ourselves?"

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