Balancing Act

Astrid Poletti

SWEET HARMONY: Finding balance isn’t always an easy task in this day and age, when multitasking is the norm. At least there is one other thing besides your yoga class that can give you perfect equilibrium: Astrid Poletti’s Balance bracelets. The Paraguayan transplant’s newest collection is made out of string and beads, and comes in an assortment of bright spring hues like orange, pink and lavender. “Both sides of the bracelet have the same amount of elements and knots to create a harmonious sense of balance…the center ball is the representation of you as the center of your own universe,” said Poletti. The best part of the boho chic style bauble? Anyone from mommies to kids can wear it. GET IT: $20 up to $700 Green Grass Boutique; 54 SW 10th St., Brickell; 305.373.7423.

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