Pop Goes the Anniversary

Indie crowds still flock to alt dance spot

There are some places you’ve been to too many times to count. Like Taco Bell or CVS, for instance.

If you grew up in Miami and have ever listened to Morrissey or Radiohead, you’ve probably spent more Saturday nights than you might want to admit to dancing at Poplife.

Poplife has been one of Miami’s best alternative dance parties for ten years now. Back in 1999, founding partners Aramis Lorie and Barbara Basti not only had a vision to create a weekly gathering for music and art lovers, they made it happen and have kept the music playing for a decade since.

Over the years, kids have moved in and out of this scene. The music has also evolved to the pleasure of some and the distaste of others. No matter which way you look at it, they have been consistent in bringing national and international musical acts to town and have always been innovative in catering to our indie culture.

The Poplife crew has introduced numerous commendable acts to the South Florida scene: M.I.A., Interpol, Jose Gonzalez, Animal Collective, Jamie Lidell, The Magnetic Fields, Cat Power to name a bunch.

On top of that, we’ve spotted more than a few stars over the years at Poplife, including Matt Damon, Michael Stipe and Moby.
 “It’s very exciting to look back and observe the impact and influence Poplife has had culturally and socially in Miami. What started out as a gathering of like minded acquaintances, manifested into a movement,” said Aramis Lorie. “Our formula, though it has evolved, has always been centered around two things – good music and inspired, open-minded people.” 

The party takes place on June 6 at Overtown club The White Room. Atlanta pop rockers Snowden will be performing and DJs Aramis, Induce and Mike Deuce will be spinning. The invite even a promises a “special surprise guest.”

We’re crossing our fingers it’s Michael Jackson.

King of Pop? Just makes sense, doesn’t it.

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