BaselTalk: The Wow that is The Wynwood Walls

One can't truly take in Wynwood without a stop at The Wynwood Walls. Not only is it set smack in the heart of the heart of Miami's arts district, but it's perhaps the most vivid and accomplished collection of street art found in any one place in the whole wild world. For this year's Art Basel the Walls have expanded to include an even more international array of visualists, as well as something dear to its owner Tony Goldman and perfect for art fans who want a keepsake to go with their visit. The Walls' Arts Manager Meghan Coleman explains.

Wanna fill us in on the latest additions to The Wynwood Walls? Sure.This year we have expanded the Walls to include over 40 projects.  Among those we've got Interesni Kazki from the Ukraine, Sego/Saner/Neuzz from Mexico, Liqen from Spain, Vhils from Portugal, Nunca from Brazil, How and Nosm from New York, Roa from Belgium, from L.A.

How'd you choose who to include this time around? The artists were selected by Tony Goldman and me, with Medvin Sobio of the visual arts collective Viejas Del Mercado.

This isn't your first curation though, is it?
It sure isn't. Before I became Goldman Properties' Arts Manager, I worked as the Director of Operations at Deitch Projects, and then I was co-founder of The Hole.

The Wynwood Walls has a couple extra added attractions  -- wanna tell us about 'em? In addition to expanding the murals we are fully realizing Tony's idea of The Wynwood Doors, a Street Art Portrait Gallery, as well as The Shop at the Walls. The Shop is a temporary space that'll exhibit works by Wynwood Walls' artists, plus offer prints, photographs, a limited-edition t-shirt series, and the book on The Wynwood Walls and Doors.

When will all this open to the public? Both The Wynwood Walls and The Shop at the Walls will have their opening on November 29, from 9-11pm.

Wynwood Walls and the Pop Up Shop are located at NW Second Avenue -- between Joey's Italian Café on 25th Street and Wynwood Kitchen & Bar on 26th Street -- and are open to the public free of charge.
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