What's Keep The Drive?

Keep the Drive is a national teen-to-teen movement to take on the No. 1 killer of teens – car crashes – by encouraging smart driving to protect everything that's important to teens: their cars, friends, futures and freedom. Keep the Drive is led by teens across the country who want to make a difference in the lives of their friends and classmates. You're probably tired of being talked "at" when it comes to driving, so Keep the Drive was created to let you do the talking instead.

Keep the Drive is not about driver's ed class. It's not about scare tactics and death, adults shaking their fingers or talking to teens like they're stupid. It's about making the movement what YOU want it to be. It's about creating a conversation among your friends about the issue, letting you call the shots and search for your own solutions. Keep the Drive is real: real teens, real stories, real solutions. For more information visit: www.keepthedrive.com

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