Doorman Dishes: How to Get in to the Hottest Clubs

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The Florida Room doorman Granville Adams offers six tips on what not to do when trying to get through the toughest doors in Miami:
1. Do not have a guys-only group. 
Having girls with you is very necessary when trying to get through the door.

2. Do not avoid eye contact and brush past the staff. When you just start at the rope and don’t acknowledge any of my staff or even the fact that you’re trying to come in is a problem.

3. Attitude won't get you anywhere. Being rude or screaming is really going to do nothing but get you possibly escorted off the property. Be polite, be patient and don’t be aggressive -- sometimes I'll let you in just for being nice.

4. Do not mispronounce the doorman's name. I have had people come to the rope, speak directly to me and say they are on my list. I have been surprised with the variations of the name that I get. Granville isn’t the easiest name, but I have been told I’m looking for my friend “Gansevoort” or “Gandalf.” It’s the worst. Don’t say you’re with people you don’t even know.

5. Dress to impress: Coming from New York, it was hard for me to adjust [to] some of the things people try to get in wearing. Miami dress is different, but definitely no sparkly shirts, shorts and flip-flops. That is just basic.

6. Do not throw your money around. : Everyone says, "I am going to come in and spend money.” For us, it’s more important to be classy and have a great atmosphere. Just because you’re going to come in and buy a bunch of bottles, that is not what we do. That isn’t something that is necessarily important to us. That is something people just don’t understand -- spending a lot of money isn’t the point; we are trying to create a comfortable atmosphere.

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