Being Head Above the Rest

…plus boutique bargains and the inside scoop

CROME YOUR DOME:  If you’re the cue ball butt of all the baldy jokes, you know life sans hair can be a little glaring. Take it from someone who understands the plight of your bald eagle and fly on over to Bald Guys Grooming Products. Yes, men without hair need hair products, too. Actually, make that anti-hair products, like Clear Shave Gel ($5.99), Daily Wash & Shampoo for sensitive skin ($6.99) and Refreshing Head Wipes ($4.99). Before you know it, you’ll be as slick and smooth as a baby’s bottom.   

JESSIE’S GIRL: Alice and Olivia, Sweetees and Rebecca Taylor at 50 percent off—oh the sweet savings at Jessie’s Boutique. There are even more designer discounts to dip into, like sandals, clutches and jeans. You may want to rent a U-haul to get it all home. Hey, with all you’re saving, you can totally afford it—gas and all. 1708 Alton Road, Miami Beach; 305.604.7980 

INSIDE INFORMATION: You’ve been to Sephora a zillion times. And the cash register cowboy has asked you a zillion and one times if you wanted to sign up for Sephora’s Beauty Insider. For whatever reason (junk mail, spam or not putting enough money in the meter) you said no time and time again. And now we’re here to call you out and show you the error of your ways. Sure, you’ll get a few e-mails here and there, but they’re loaded with sweet deals like a free sample of Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner before it even launches. Hello, you live in humidity hell, you’re gonna want to try that. Plus, for every dollar you spend, you earn a point. The more points you earn, the more stuff you score. Now point yourself in the direction of a Sephora and start racking up.


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