Author Heather Brewer: Vampire Obsession Is Here to Stay

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New York Times-bestselling author Heather Brewer, who penned the five-book vampire series "The Chronicles of Vladamir Tod," said she was a fanatic of the fanged blood-suckers long before the days of "Twilight" and "True Blood." 

"I've always loved vampires, even way back when I was eating Count Chocula cereal because of the vampire on the box," Brewer said at Books & Books last night where she read from her final book in the series "Twelfth Grade Kills."

"Everything in my life has been about vampires. For me, it was a natural thing and very coincidental that I was writing about something that exploded in popularity."

Though a self-proclaimed "True Blood" addict, Brewer said the vampire craze may seem somewhat overkill but fascination with them will never completely fade. She is already working on a spin-off series based on the second book in her "Chronicles" line-up.

"I understand that sometimes when things get super popular it does get a little annoying and then we poke fun of it until it goes away, but vampires are always gong to be popular," Brewer said. "I think eventually it will slow down, but then we will hit another peak and they'll be back."

She added, "Because, you know, you really can't kill them."

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