Blossoming Hope

The Lotus House Women's Shelter holds fundraiser in Wynwood

Hope’s a popular theme lately. Obama got elected on the premise that this needy nation would finally be allowed the chance to see hope shine through the darkness. Maybe all of our dreams haven't come true yet, but the point is that hope sells in times of despair.

Tonight, the Lotus House Women’s Shelter is hanging on to the prospect that people will open their hearts and wallets to those in need at their fifth annual Hope Blossoms fundraiser. The party isn’t just your run of the mill get-together, this is also an "art happening." More than 30 artists from around the country have donated their precious art to benefit the shelter. The happening is taking place at the prestigious Margulies Collection’s warehouse just west of Wynwood.

Sure, it’s fundraiser season, and you might need more convincing to chose this particular event to benefit. There will be delectable treats from high end restaurants such as Azul and the vino will flow like red and white rivers. Participants of an international crew of artists will be creating live works of art that, according to the Lotus House, “explore what hope looks, feels, tastes and sounds like.” We’re thinking it might look a lot like a huge picture of Obama or maybe a big, fat check at the end of a rainbow. The artists will not only use traditional mediums, they will also be using dance, poetry, music and performance to discuss their vision of the future.

The Lotus House Women’s Shelter, created by the Sundari Foundation, benefits homeless women and their infants. The shelter provides them with a safe and calm sanctuary where they can heal and grow. Entry costs only $100 in advance and $150 at the door. The fundraiser begins at 8 p.m. tonight at the Margulies Warehouse in the Wynwood Art District, 591 NW 27th Street.

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