Boom, I Got Your Boyfriend

Area code tunes at Purdy Lounge

Remember when “they” introduced a new area code to Dade, a baby sister to the legendary 305? It wasn’t quite as disruptive as the 646 addition to 212, but it was significant. We wanted to keep our 305 numbers! After a few years, the adjustment has kicked in and 786 is familiar and likable, finally.

Three local DJs have taken on these three numbers as their title in party. Ray Milian, Joshy Josh and DJPJ all spin at other parties at various clubs around town, including the Vagabond. 786 has been formed by the creators of Off the Radar and Apt.407. This new party promises great music, live performances, cheap drinks and, best of all, comfortable seating, all in the middle of the week.

BFGF - Electric Supermodel

This Wednesday party will feature a one time, live performance by BFGF, a dancey, electronic duo which includes Chris Video and Me She. The videos are pretty rad, you can check them out on You Tube, especially Electric Supermodel. It will be natural to dance to these sounds, and the aerobics on stage will help encourage movement.

There’s no cover and the show starts at midnight at Purdy Lounge on Miami Beach. This party will be hosted by Frankie Galland and Alain Maximilien.

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