Boutique Owner Melissa Garcia: How to Get the SATC Look

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Lady Lux Boutique owner Melissa Grace had some tips for women aspiring to emulate the styles of their favorite fashion-forward characters in the latest "Sex and the City 2" flick during her recent in-store soiree.

“Remember: shoes make the outfit,” Garcia said during the boutique bash on Wednesday night. “Put on those stilettos and strut to drinks with the girls -- you feel fabulous.”

Garcia, who runs the Coral Gables store with her sister Michelle, has loved fashion all of her life, and after having her first baby she said she realized she wanted to go from full-time mommy to mogul.

“We were young, stay-at-home moms who wanted to start our own business," Garcia said. "We love being in a business where we can help women look and feel great.”

She also knows that stylish women were hard-hit by the recession so knowing where to look to find good deals and learning how to mix and match is imperative.

“Like ["Sex and the City"] stylist Pat Fields does -- mix up your look with something vintage," she said. "Match a $3 belt with a couture gown. Fashion is about expression.”

Garcia added, “Remember, it’s all how you wear the outfit. Don’t let it wear you!”

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