Bravo's Andy Cohen Plays Plead the Fifth

Only about a decade ago was being given the title of a “housewife” a bad thing. Thanks to Andy Cohen, it’s now the ultimate compliment.

If you have ever caught anything on the Bravo channel, there is a good chance Cohen had a hand in it. Currently the Executive VP of Original Programming and Development, he is the man behind all the Real Housewives franchises and his very own late night show, Watch What Happens Live.

How he found time to write his book, "Most Talkative," we aren’t sure. But we are glad he did because on the Miami leg of his book tour at Books & Books in Coral Gables, we got a chance to sit down him. We chatted about everything from how he got to where he his today and he even got him to play his famous game of “Plead the Fifth.”

Niteside: I know you are a St. Louis boy turned proud New Yorker. Do you like it here?
Andy Cohen: I love it here. I love it. It’s one of my favorites.

What made you want to write a book?
These are stories I have really wanted to tell. They are stories of me. I have had an amazing 23-year career in TV that has been unpredictable, hilarious and shocking. I really wanted to tell people about that. I have always loved pop culture and I wanted to tell people how I went from sitting inches away from the TV and wanting to be on it to then making it to then being on it.

Is there a part of "Most Talkative" that you’re most proud of?
No, I am really proud of the whole thing. I guess I would say I am the most proud of the personal stuff that people are responding to that they say they didn’t know about me. Its definitely want I am most excited about.

I mean, you have created things that are now forever part of pop culture, like Real Housewives. Did you ever think it would get to this level?
Never. With season two of Real Housewives of Orange County, I thought, this is interesting. Then we started thinking about New York and I was like, “Wow, maybe we could do it there.”

Your late night show Watch What Happens Live is a big hit too.
I started as a web show, then a once a week show and its crazy what it has become.

Is there a guest that you have been star struck by?
It’s usually someone from my past that I can't believe is on my show like Joan Rivers or Susan Lucci. Next week is Dan Rather with John Mayer. I will definitely been intimidated by Dan Rather.

I would love to play a little game with you. Lets play “Plead The Fifth.”
Question #1: Whose team are you on? Team Melissa Gorga or Team Teresa Giudice?
Team both. I root for everybody. I have to be.
Question #2: Do you have a favorite Housewife?
I don’t.  They all bring something to the table. Without one there couldn’t be another. Fans have their favorite. A lot of people love Sonja, Carolina, Theresa. They all have a passionate fan base. Really,  they are like my children.
Question #3: Did you ever think Bethenny Frankel would be the multi-millionaire she is today?
Yeah, I am not surprised. She is great. We had a part of it, but she built her empire.

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