Brooke Hogan Talks Miami, Hotspots and Why She Was in a Cage

A nude photo shoot is sure to cause a stir. Being in a cage, while baring it all, is sure to take the "stir" to a whole new level -- especially if you're talking about Brooke Hogan.

Last night at Cafeina in Wynwood, Hogan, along with Katrina Campins, Ines Rivero, Michelle Pooch and Pachi Lake, showed up to celebrate photographer Jordan Michael Zuniga's latest project, Women in Cages. As part of PETA’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign, these famous Miami faces stripped down to explore the politics surrounding the treatment of animals. And while not forgetting her cause, Niteside chatted with the former reality star and Miami Beach resident of why she decided to be caged, her favorite Miami Beach hot spots, and missing the Magic City.

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