Bruce Campbell Dishes on “Burn Notice” Prequel

Actor Bruce Campbell — who plays womanizing Navy Seal Sam Axe in USA's "Burn Notice" — says while holding the title role in the "Burn Notice" prequel, "The Fall of Same Axe," was no easy feat, fans will certainly get their fill.

"It’s a pain in the ass to carry a movie," he laughed. "Getting up early in the morning is for the birds. When Matt Nix writes a script, the lead character is in the entire story."

He added, "Anyone jonesing for more Bruce is going to get it."

The two-hour T.V. movie, which airs on USA April 17 at 9 p.m., tells the story of Sam Axe's military career and how he actually arrived in Miami, ultimately giving fans an inside look at the life (and scandals) of the character. In fact, Campbell says what you'll learn will be imperative when viewing the upcoming episodes.

"If you don’t watch the movie, season five won’t be the same -- season five is going to be a different dynamic," he explained. "Michael Westen’s relationship with the CIA is improving, while Sam Axe’s relationship with the CIA is not so good as you’ll see in the movie."

Campbell's keeping mum as far as any surprises in the film.

"There’s a special guest appearance but I can’t tell you who that is, spoiler alert!" he said.

The series, which debuted in 2007 and films in Miami, often shoots at recognizable landmarks in the city like Bayfront Park and Coco Walk. Although, off hours, don't expect to see Campbell hanging out except in an authentic 305 hole-in-the-wall.

"I don’t like the touristy places in Miami," he admitted. "Usually I Like Fox’s Lounge in Coral Gables -- locals go there."

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