Burn Notice Starlet Gabrielle Anwar: I Wasn't Invited to Be in Movie

Itching to know more about the upcoming Burn Notice prequel movie? Well, don't ask sexy starlet Gabrielle Anwar -- who plays bounty hunter Fiona Glenanne in the USA series --  as she admitted she's completely in the dark about it.

“I haven’t seen it; I know nothing about it -- I didn't read the script,” said Anwar. “I wasn't invited to be in it. I hear it’s airing pretty soon.”

The prequel, entitled "The Fall of Same Axe," details the back-story of Bruce Campbell's character Sam Axe, and airs on April 17 at 9 p.m. 

Meanwhile, Anwar -- along with co-stars Campbell and Jeffery Donovan -- has already begun to film season five of Burn Notice. And while she's certainly more looped into this filming process than the upcoming flick, she said she rarely even knows what her scenes will be until the day of.

“They don’t let me read the scripts,” she said. “But it’s actually quite fun to not know what the heck I’m doing everyday.”

One thing the mother of two is absolutely well-versed on is Miami's legendary restaurant The Forge. No surprise there as her boyfriend is is none other than owner, and bonafied local celebrity, Shareef Malnik.

"I'm spending a lot of time gaining a lot of weight at the Forge with the kids," she laughed. “My children are finally learning their table manners because we are eating out so much."


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