European incursion into the Americas can be unfortunate (smallpox), or fortuitous (the Beatles influenced US music greatly, and there's also a video of Van Damme dancing). Providing a Euro invasion of style, Cascella.

Thrillist - Cascella

Once a family run atelier in Italy, Cascella opened a Sardinia boutique catering to the yacht and holiday crowd in the '60s, then branched out to Rome, and finally the New World with their just-opened, spaciously curated shop, full of breezy, colorful, high-end casual brands from Italy and other parts of Europe, ensuring everyone loves your Liechtensteez. There's hard-to-find Italian stuff like epauletted Dirk Bikkembergs polos you might wear golfing, a Paolo Pecora short sleeve buttondown in yellow with pre-rolled cuffs, and a grip of stuff from Frankie Morello, like polos with snap buttons normally seen on cowboy shirts, and an elegant white dress shirt that instead of collar buttons, has little safety pins, which don't seem all that safe next to your jugular. Non-Italian stuff's repped by bright orange windbreakers from Portugal's Vicri, Neil Barrett taupe silk polos, hand-painted tees from 180 Grammes with images like can-can girls, and a wide selection of Tom Rebl goods, from summer-weight plaid shirts with tie-dyed stripes, to subversive tees with a particularly hot female wearing nothing up top but lip-shaped pasties and bangs over her face, which sounds dirtier than it really is. Cascella also's got slacks, like tapered jobs from Les Hommes in bright red or yellow, and they even peddle fine art, including work from Germany's Cellina von Mannstein, who photographs women intertwined together or in compromising positions, an incursion that proves Europe's fortuitous ability to make awesomely perved-out stuff "tasteful".

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