Celeb Spotting in Miami

Reality show madness descended on South Beach last week.

FAST AND FURIOUS: If you needed a little extra push to enroll in that self-defense class, note that Chris Brown was in town with an entourage of Omarion. The tough guy did some clubbing and then, according to Splash News, rolled up in a black and red Buggatti Veyron at Louis Vuitton, where we’re assuming he did not buy a gift for Rihanna

QUEEN FOR A DAY: Some jokes just write themselves. Case in point: Khloe Kardashian hosting a drag look-a-like party of herself at the Clevelander Thursday night. Khloe claims the event was to celebrate the passing of Miami’s Domestic Partner Ordinance [cough, cough reality show segment]. The gay-rights activist awarded the winner a spot on her show. Unfortunately, the winner had to put on all that hair and makeup just to look like a man all over again.

STROKE IT: First it was Kourtney and Khloe taking over Miami with an E! reality show. Then Bravo made local yocals feel even more self-important with upcoming schwag called “Miami Social.” And now “Stroke of Genius,” yet another reality-based series, is in the works in our blistering city. The latest series takes a “Top Chef” approach to finding contemporary artist extraordinaires.  Hosts Steven Bauer (“Scarface”) and Cindy Taylor (E! “Wild On”) put the show’s artists on display for a challenge caught by Wire Image on Thursday. We just hope this latest production won’t require anyone to paint dragsters dressed as D-listers.   

SEEING SPOTS: Speaking of Ds, nudie Shauna Sand is still in town, and apparently too busy to be bothered with dressing rooms. The Playboy Bunny swapped swimsuits smack in the middle of the beach this past Friday. We hear the more modest models opt for Penthouse anyway.

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