Cheap Eats on SoBe

Save your money for the martinis, here's where to fill up for under $15

It's hard to find a cocktail for under $15, let alone a meal.

Normally we’d scoff at a list of ten places to eat for under $15 on South Beach by Broward’s Sun-Sentinel. But, turns out their picks aren’t half bad. Below are our fave five.

The newest restaurant listed is 8 oz. Burger Bar, which opened about a month ago where Argentine steakhouse Novecento used to be. It’s an L.A. import and nothing on the menu is over $10, including the short rib grilled cheese and burgers that you can build your way with gourmet toppings.

Then there’s Front Porch, which offers up the very popular – for tourists and locals alike – Sunday brunch. Probably so popular because it’s a triple threat: good food, good prices and awesome view (it’s right on Ocean Drive). Order the triple-sec tinged French toast or any of their omelets, sit back, and enjoy the people watching.

Pizza Rustica also made the list – there’s three locations on South Beach now, but the best has got to be the original spot on Eighth and Washington. Slices are thick and square, ingredients are fresh and service is, well, efficient (think Soup Nazi). When you’re all sloppy at 4 a.m., nothing comforts you like a slice of PR pie.

Finally, there’s Le Sandwicherie. Again, it’s 4 a.m. and all that standing around with your g&t has made you hungry. The place is just a counter next to a gas station and across the street from the most awesomely sketchy bar on the beach, the Deuce, but it’s quality, not quantity (that’s what she said). And LS has got mad quality.

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