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Learning life skills from people like your folks are great, but let's face it: wouldn't you rather learn to hit from baseball superstar and 12-time All-Star Wade Boggs?!? You would?!? Yeah, you're on your own there. But you can get free culinary instruction from another legend, at Chef Allen's Interactive Fridays.

Thrillist - Chef Allen's Free Interactive Fridays

IF's a free cooking class teaching both basic techniques and more advanced pro tips on how to coax the most flavor out of recipes, giving you free food & wine samples, and putting you under the tutelage of Chef Allen Susser, who helped pioneer locally sourced Florida-base cuisine in the '80s, has won awards from Gourmet, Food & Wine, and James Beard, and is the official spokesperson for the National Mango Board! Chef'll bring it with different recipes and techniques each week, like how to make and apply rubs properly; slicing, dicing, cubing, and other knife skills; the best way to chop garlic, peel ginger, and get the spiciness from a chili without burning yourself; and how to really tell if a fish is fresh: its eyes don't look glazed, its gills are red, and the skin should have a bit of a slime layer -- 'cause the final thing any good fish does is take the physical challenge. Tomorrow's class starts with ceviche mixto (fish, crustaceans, shellfish), and moves on to pistachio-crusted mahi with coconut rum and mango sauce, while future Fridays'll explore whole roasted yellowtail snapper, crab cakes w/ mango chutney, grilled local swordfish w/ hot pineapple relish, and arancini: risotto balls that're first chilled, then rolled in Asiago, then fried and served with a tomato jam -- because Pearl Jam heard the class had a service fee. There'll be wine or beer paired with the dishes (Chef's also won accolades from Wine Spectator), and all recipes'll be posted on Chef's website, so you can reference them at home, and lure Wade Boggs over with the delicious pre-batting cage promise of chicken. *Photos by Simon Hare

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