When Harry Met Ida

[UGCDFW-CJ-holiday]Scarlett and Santa
Courtney Sikora

SALE SAVVY: High-end fashion, exotic vacations, and romantic adventures -- sounds like Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha have it all. You can, too. With "Sex in the City 2" debuting this Memorial Day weekend, you may want to step up your wardrobe to feel like a million bucks. Enter Ida and Harry, Fontainebleau’s high-end boutique, which boasts designer gear ranging from Alessandro Dell’Acqua to Valentino, will be sure to include your perfect outfit. The best part? 50 percent off their couture clothing now through May 31. We suggest ditching the gf's to avoid snatching what’s rightfully yours. GET IT: Fontainebleau, 4441 Collins Av., Miami Beach.

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