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Taking a little trip down nostalgia lane can be great, from remembering the smell of mom's cookies, to reminiscing about the thrill of your first kiss, then wondering longingly what that mirror's up to these days. For a resto born of fond memories, check out Chicago's Steakhouse & Tavern.

Thrillist - Chicago's Steakhouse & Tavern

From an Orlando restaurateur who walked into the former Eleven Leprechauns space and was transported to the grand Chicago steakhouses of his youth, CS's menu does traditional red meat and gets creative with the sea in an Untouchables-looking space, with dark woodwork, red velvet booths with little lamps on the tables, old black & white Chi-town pics on the walls, and an interior that winds into side rooms, all covered by wall-to-wall carpet -- reminiscent of when dad renovated the den, and you found a box of weird movies with like, no plot. Starters feature seafood and poultry with Caribbean flourishes, like the Mango Crab Cakes (lump crab tossed with fresh mango & spices, then grilled and topped with a Cajun sauce), Maine Lobster Rolls w/ a Key lime mustard, and chicken wings Jamaican style, grilled and then basted with a “taste of the islands”, which was obviously purchased at the Jerk Store. Entrees're more beefy, with a 16-oz prime rib that's slow roasted, then quickly grilled for a charred texture, a grilled 24-oz porterhouse w/ both a filet and strip section, and a “Filet Oscar” that's charbroiled, then topped with jumbo shrimp, lump crab, asparagus, & chipotle hollandaise; all steaks can be “enhanced” with stuff like lobster tail, sauteed mushrooms, and bleu cheese crumbles -- sexiness sure to extend that special part of the male anatomy, your waistline. For a lighter meal, they've also got sandwiches (cheesesteak made from filet tips w/ onions & melted mozz; blackened mahi w/ Cajun spices), and a roster of entree-sized salads, which you'll be shamed into eating when you finally run into that mirror, only to have it turn away in disgust and say, "I can't believe I made out with that".

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